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i have a Roland Vdrum TD-8 Module and a Alesis 1622 mixer... i have to record raw electric drums (played) onto Cool Edit v2.0 (that's all i got)

i'm not doing anything fancy, i just need to record each drum on a seperate track to my computer (Cool Edit v2.0 Recording Software). i just have one input on my computer to send the drums.

is this even possible, and what do i need to get multi tracks to my computer using a multitrack recording software?


ouzo77 Sun, 12/28/2008 - 08:10

hello chonnyman

i've never used the td8 but i've worked with the td10. i can't tell you which buttons to push, but basically it should work like in this previous post

you should go the midi-way, since you have midi in and out). you do have 4 outputs (2 stereo pairs) but they are not enough to separate the main drum groups (kick, snare, toms, cymbals) to stereo tracks (which you should use for toms and cymbals)

in short:
1. record midi
2. mute all but one drum group
3. play back midi and record the td8 output to a stereo track
4. repeat 3 and 4 with another group

hope this helps