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Morning from sunny West Yorkshire UK,

I am not a drummer, I do play drums though. I picked it up when I was 41. I practiced many hours a day initially on a Roland TD10 kit then this wonderful Gretsch Renown Maple kit with A Zildjian Pro cymbals. Sadly the Gretsch were sacrificed in the many moves my family and I have made.

Thought I'd share, be kind, no mics, just the Sony Handycam, and no processing, that is how my home studio room sounded, with VERY basic treatment but closed off with heavy duty soundproof doors. Recorded in Poway CA on 13th July 2007. Oh yes, and this is an original jam.



pcrecord Wed, 10/07/2020 - 08:06

Boswell, post: 465687, member: 29034 wrote: You didn't have your pitch-correction hardware with you that day, then!

ah ah ah.. no we didn't... This lady was very popular in the 70's but now getting a bit old.. Nonetheless we sold a lot of tickets because of her presence..
We also had Martin Stevens (love is in the air) and Nancy Martinez (For tonight) on this show.. 3 legends well known in Quebec, Canada.