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Hey, as I mentioned in another post, I'm looking to branch out from local bands in my area and get drum up some internet business for my mastering work.

I'm wondering how you guys deal with your clients; do you draw up or have a standard contract which clients need to sign which lays out the terms or is that not really an issue? IE they pay you, you do the work, and that's it? I figure you all ask to be paid up front for a job, yes? Or do you do half before, half after?


RemyRAD Sun, 02/12/2012 - 20:06

The same in my end. 50% deposit to lock in your booking. 50% upon completion before delivery. That is unless you are a well known & recurring client. Then you go net 30. With one of my buddies here, we've gone net 410. So now, over a year later, I will be shipping out the multi-tracks backed up to DVDs. In spite of the fact that no one now wants them. LOL, it's true. But you can't get too upset when things like that go awry. I've even had pastors from churches bounced checks on me and never make good even after they got the delivery. So it stings once in a while. The price we pay for performing our art.

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