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Hi everybody,

I'm looking to upgrade my monitors and looking for my first pair of mastering grade monitors. I've heard a few of the PMC & ATC's in other studios but my budget won't stretch to the larger models.
I've seen the PMC Result 6's - their entry level monitors, would they be suitable? Or should I save up for something else?
Thanks in advance for any advice


B.W.P Sun, 06/14/2020 - 04:34

Boswell, post: 464601, member: 29034 wrote: You talk about your budget, but don't say what that is.

Two other factors play important roles: the size and acoustic quality of your listening room, and then the general type of material that you are intending to mix or master. Can you tell us more about those?

Thanks Boswell, yes a budget and more info would help! My budget is £2 - £3K so the PMC Result 6's would fit into that nicely or the Neumann KH 310's. Obviously I can't go to a shop to listen to any in the current climate so any opinions are really helpful. I'm wondering if it's worth saving up a bit more and going for some ATC's or larger PMC's.

The room I'm about to move into is a professionally built room, fully treated but I don't have the dimensions. Due to Covid19 the move had been delayed and since then a different room has come available so I have a choice of 2. I'll mainly be working on Roots/Acoustic/World type music. Not much in the way of electronic or heavy metal/noise type stuff. Thanks again for any advice.

Boswell Sun, 06/14/2020 - 10:57

I haven't heard the Result 6s, but I have listened to a couple of the larger PMC models. A great sound, but, boy, did they need a big room! I can believe that the Result 6s were designed for somewhat smaller spaces, so should be OK in a professionally built room in the small-to-medium category. Being front-ported, you could position them back further towards the rear wall than you could a rear-ported design.

Your music material sounds an ideal match for this sort of monitor; I do similar sort of work using KRK V6s in a relatively small room when I'm not working in bigger studio spaces. However, I do make use of a 10" subwoofer that I switch in and out using a foot pedal in order to check the balance of the low end. Since a lot of my recordings are of (indoor) live events, I also check that there are no bottom-end nasties in there that I might have missed just using the 6" monitors on their own.


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