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Hey, Guys Tone Empire released a new plugin , Its called Model 5000 ( API 2500 x 2 clone? ), Its free for the first 15 days. They are running it on Intro Sale - $49 ( Original Price: $99 ). I think its a good deal.

More info about the Product: https://tone-empire…

Product Description:

The Model 5000 is a "Heavy-Weight" VCA compressor design and part of our "Enhanced Classics" series.
Essentially a Hybrid compressor, which takes inspiration from a known American Compressor and The Classic British Console Bus Compressor.

This compressor features a unique "KNOCK" circuit (based on a sidechaining with a varislope eq selection) for a "Tight" Low End and lift. It also has a transformer path which can be switched in for some saturation.
Overall this compressor features fixed ratios, attack and releases time as well as an AutoGain function for signal boost which is best suited for "Heavy" compression.

This plugin also allows the user to engage Oversampling at 2x, 4x & 8x, so the material can really sound "analog" and the plugin can be pushed hard without any artifacts.
It works great on any genre from Rock to HipHop and Dance productions and is great for tracking, mixing, and mastering.

Offer valid till Oct 31st, 2020 as per their Facebook page.