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Which should I get: The old C451 + CK1 or the new AKG C451B ? I am aware that the new model has a fixed capsule and is supposed to have improved specs (noise, max SPL). How do they compare sound-wise ?

Thx for any input,



MadMoose Thu, 12/06/2001 - 21:39

Try cleaning the contacts between the capsule and body of the softer 451 with Q-tips and 99% alcohol. They get dirty and that might fix it. Have you tried swapping the capsules around to see if it's the mic body or the capsule? If they need service I don't see why you couldn't send them back to AKG.

I'd like to try the new 451 when it actully ships. Until I try it I'm not going to give any advice on it. I will say I'm a little miffed that I can't use different capsules or the old swival mount.