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Hi guys, I hope y'all having a fantastic and musically week!

I was browsing the other day and stumbled over this picture with Xzibit in the Vocal Booth behind a mic and soon as I saw that Mic I was wondering "What Mic is this?"

I was guessing Neumann TLM 49, but I can't remember the 49 being THAT big.

So I thought 'Why not ask the community?' ;) I'm sure you guys gathered enough experience to figure this out :)

much love and thanks in advance :)

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RemyRAD Mon, 09/01/2014 - 14:40

He's got the money so... I think it's an M-49, original and not the later imitation M-49 which was the M-149 which was, yeah, smaller. It could be an M-50?

You know there's something else involved with the vocal sound don't ya? Like the preamp. The EQ. The processing. The Microphone doesn't do it all. You do. And who knows? Maybe that microphone was just a prop? There are plenty of prop microphones out there like the AEA 77's that look just like the RCA working 77's but has no guts in it. No ribbon. No magnet. No wiring. No transformer. The 77 from AEA is merely a prop. Or you can put in the condenser capsule of your choice. So all that you see may not actually be what you're looking at. Though I would assume it's likely a working microphone? But ya really can't assume anything in our business.

I assume you want one of your own? It shouldn't set you back more than $4000? Why not ask Bruce Swedein if he'll sell you his? He is too old to be using those anymore and Michael's dead, while Quincy lives in LA and Bruce lives in Orlando, Florida. Not like these old geezers can pop over to each other's house whenever they want to anymore.

Why the hell do they call it Winter Park? When they never really get any winter at all? Especially Johnny since he's dead. I guess Edgar Winter could park in Florida? Do you suppose he would get a parking ticket if he didn't feed the meter in Winter Park?

I'm parked in Austin City Limits and I'm not even on TV.
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