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I have actually heard the SMB7 is a poor mans U47 is this true?

I know the Soundelux E47 is a great reproduction but it is $4K, Peluso 22 47 which is $1400-1900 depending on tube or solid state.


Davedog Sun, 11/18/2007 - 04:43

FET or tube?

None of the mics which have purported similarities to a U47 is going to be considered a "poor mans' mic".

Your post indicating the Soundelux is proof of that.

I also LOVE the 4047 and though I dont think it has the Neumann 'sheen' it is a very very usable tool and with the right preamp is truly a remarkable sounding mic and not just for the price....Try one on a GT ViPre.

anonymous Mon, 11/19/2007 - 08:51

Take a look at the Peluso 2247SE (same as the 2247LE with the Red American tube instead of the Telefunken tube). It's a very impressive recreation of the U47 and comes with a flight case, 7 conductor cable, power supply, shock mount and wooden case.

You can check it out at our website. Click on Peluso on the front page and choose 2247LE (the SE is what the menu defaults to in the pricing and is the one I recommend every day). We've even got a nice movie about it.

If you are looking for the recreation of the "studio U47" that has been famous in recording studios for so many years you want the SE/LE not the short body. The short body 47 is a recreation of the U47 that the German Radio stations used for broadcast purposes and is great for voiceovers but it is not nearly the same thing as the real deal 2247SE.

Hope that helps!

Cucco Mon, 11/19/2007 - 09:03

Mic debates aside, what's the reason you're looking for a 47? Have you used one before and liked it, thus desire to buy a similar mic?

If I had $10K to spend on mics (and I do from time to time), I wouldn't even consider a 47 or a clone. Considering that there are at least 100 other mics on the planet that I could buy, would do a wonderful job and cost a mere fraction of the cost of a 47 or clone....

For example...if I had $10k and a project studio or even "low-end" to mid-level commercial studio focusing on rock, country, rap, would be my list of mics:

5 SM57s ($500)
2 SM58s ($200)
EV RE20 ($400)
2 Sennheiser MD421s ($650)
Soundelux U195 ($1100)
Blue Bluebird (just found it and love it!) ($350)
2 Schoeps CMC6 MK4 -OR- Sennheiser MKH 40 ($2500)
AT 4047 ($400)
AT 4033 ($400)
Neumann M147 ($1800)
Royer 121 ($1200)
Beyer M160 ($600)

and I'd spend the remaining few bucks on some accessories (boom arms, pop screens, etc.)

anonymous Mon, 11/19/2007 - 11:42

Thanks Joshua. I definitely have the AT 4047 on my list, and Cucco a few of those I have already and are also on my list.

Reason I like the U47 is that the recordings is that alot of the artists I like vocally and style wise with a similar voice as mine use this. that got me interested. I initially without considering a U47 type mic wanted that big large up front sound. In your face. turns out this was it.

Cucco Mon, 11/19/2007 - 11:50

keano wrote: Reason I like the U47 is that the recordings is that alot of the artists I like vocally and style wise with a similar voice as mine use this. that got me interested. I initially without considering a U47 type mic wanted that big large up front sound. In your face. turns out this was it.

Bear in mind...the u47 will not get you a big, up front and in your face sound.

Only a u47 in a good room through good pres with good head room with a good vocalist will get you that sound.

Of course, if you have all of those other variables, a SM57 will get you a big, up front and in your face sound too.

I guess my point is -

It's fun to dream and have a wish list of expensive mics. However, it's also good to be realistic and realize that you can get EXACTLY the sound you're looking for with a $350 mic, a good preamp, a good room and proper gain staging.



BobRogers Mon, 11/19/2007 - 12:58


If you have been reading recent posts you know that Jeremy has fallen hard for his new Bluebird. Time will tell whether this infatuation will deepen into a long lasting relationship or dash his hopes and leave him, older, wiser, but with a hint of bitterness. Say what you will about, we don't lack for drama.

I'm definitely gonna check out the Bluebird though.

VonRocK Thu, 11/22/2007 - 15:10

Someone should call Les Paul and tell them that lesspaul has stolen his name and used it attract attention on this forum to guide people to his crappy website filled with content made by other people.

Not to hijack this thread, but really, you are NOT Les Paul, and your website is filled with a whole bunch of other people's content.

I really can't take your recommendations seriously when you've so obviously tried to dupe me twice in your only two posts here.

And why would a drummer call himself lesspaul?

more Ron

Davedog Thu, 11/22/2007 - 22:33

Re: Mic similar to U47

lesspaul wrote: Studio projects is a company that make great mics.
They have one called C1, they say it performs just like the expensive u87,
Read the reviews and you'll see.

C1 is $299
Neumman U87 is $ Just to much to post

First off,I'd like to appologize in advance for my comments here. Those of you who know me know that I always try to encourage all who post here to learn and gain knowledge from their questions and the answers that they get from these.

This, however, is simply too much. Posting this kind of misinformation ESPECIALLY in budget forum is akin to telling a direct lie. Its unfortunate that there would be folks that would actually believe this garbage, but it is true that this happens.

I also know that the good folks over at Studio Projects would never make such a claim. While their products are well-built and do a credible job, AND there may be some similarities in the frequency responses of the two mics mentioned, to baldly claim they are the same with OBVIOUSLY NO PERSONAL EXPERIENCE OF EITHER MIC BY THIS POSTER IS CRAP.

Hey....I own an Ovtava MK 319. It sounds a LOT like my Neumann U87....there are, however, major differences which ,in critical listening, would reveal themselves to anyone with a decent set of ears.

I owned a C1 and it was nothing like the Neumann other than it was a large diaphram condenser in cardioid pattern, ONE of such that the U87 operates in.

So......what do we have here? An idiot? Perhaps a troll....most likely a troll. In fact a troll who is using the name of one of the true daddies of our business in vain.

If you (mr les paul) had posted this as YOUR opinion that would be one thing, but to call on some phantom review is much too much.

Having a link to your own site is enough to piss me off even more.

You're a fraud and your life expectancy here at R.O. is in danger.

Change your screen name, appologize and clerify your comments or you're gone.

You come in my forum and I'll delete every word you write.

anonymous Fri, 11/23/2007 - 17:56


Hello everyone, My name is William

Well first I didn't mean to offend anyone with my posts.
One thing is true, I put together my website recording freak, because I love recording music and playing with different gear.
Les Paul is a living guitar legend. He invented one the coolest guitars ever, well at least for me, The Gibson Les Paul.
I got one when I was in high school and a couple of friends just started to call me like that.
lesspaul2001 is my yahoo ID, It's been my email address since 2001.
I am not a drummer but I have a home recording studio.
I have a lot of gear like
Pro tools digi002R, Mackie Universal control with 3 extenders, line 6 podxt live and bass, m-audio keyboards, Roland drums and Tama Drums....... the list go on and on.

So, I joined this forum because I was online and I thought is was cool and interesting I DO NOT HAVE A C1 or U87, but I came across some reviews. I thought is was alright to share.

About my website?
Is just a hobby what I am doing is collecting information about different DAWS in one place. I use to have plenty bookmarks in my browser.
Hopefully that information can be helpful for some people.


I've been messing around with recording for the last 10 years.
I am surely not a super engineer or producer, but I like this hobby just too much.


William Rivera

TVPostSound Fri, 11/23/2007 - 18:26

He invented one the coolest guitars ever, well at least for me, The Gibson Les Paul.

Hmm, Les Paul didnt invent the Gibson Les Paul, Gibson designed it, and paid him for his name. Every guitar given to him by Gibson was heavily modified for his personal use.
Les Paul does hold patents for mulitrack recording, and amplified musical instruments. He has never designed the Les Paul Model!! Just consulted.
There is also an argument who invented the solid body guitar between Paul, Fender, and Rickenbacker!!!

TVPostSound Fri, 11/23/2007 - 21:56

Gibson already had built the guitar, they approached Les Paul to put his name on it. Les contributed finishing touches.
This was in response to Leo Fender selling Telecasters (Solid body) As Gibson rejected Les Paul's idea of a solid body guitar years earlier.
Years later Gibson changed the Les Paul guitar to what you know as the SG, and told them to take a hike. He stated that the point on the treble side got in the way of his playing.
They cancelled his contract, even though SGs sold like hotcakes, the unlabelled Les Paul models didnt, they renewed his contract with the original style.

Rumour has it that he was in the middle of a divorce, and wanted out of his (Gibson)contract so he could get another after the divorce.

I'm not belittling Les Paul, he is mostly responsible for multitracking. I met the man over 25 years ago, I still look up to him.

You want history, dont read it on the web, I've been around long enough!!!

Davedog Sat, 11/24/2007 - 16:56

"So, I joined this forum because I was online and I thougth is was cool and interensting I DO NOT HAVE A C1 or U87, but I came across some reviews. I thougth is was allright to share"

THIS is why as moderators we need to always pay attention and do our jobs.

Here is a person with ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with either one of the pieces of gear he's talking about. AND he's making a recommendation in the 'Budget Forum' where its most likely a young beginner will read this and take it as some kind of gospel.

That offends me.

Linking to reviews is an okay practice which anybody with a desire to find this information can go about on their own.

Having an OPINION about something you've never heard, never used in personal practice, have never probably touched is pathetic.

You want to talk about something you know about....go ahead, thats what these pages are for.

As for a comparison in price vs. sound quality.......

I completely understand and am a wholehearted practitioner of 'Bang-for-the-buck' recording. Every mic, outboard piece, console,stand,cable etc that I own was selected because of what its bang-for-the-buck factor brought me.

Is a Studio Projects C1 a good mic? Yes it is. Is it good on every source? No, it is not. Is a good value ? Yes, most definately. Does it have bang-for-the-buck cred? It depends on what you want to record with it. Is it better than a lot of mics in its price range? Not so much these days as mics in its price range have gotten a lot better in both terms of build quality and sound. You can thank Studio Projects for this phenomenom since they were one of the first to champion the quality and value at affordable numbers that many folks are enjoying these days. Do I use their products? Yes, I have and will continue to do so. I own an SP mic and love it.

And then...

Is the Neumann U87ai, U87i, U87 P48 a good good mic? If you have to ask, then you will need to wait till you can afford one to find out. Does it have bang-for-the-buck cred? They are not cheap. Neither is a Mercedes. There was an issue of a consumers magazine several years ago that reviewed several automobiles to determine the VALUE of each on a per-mile basis. The winner, hands down, was the Rolls_Royce Silver Shadow. It cost less per mile to own and drive one of those than ANY other auto in the world. The same can be said with any Neumann product.

There are many boutique companys building incredible sounding mics these days. The prices for some of these is very high, much like building and driving a custom auto. Many will compete with or in some cases surpass the U87 in performance. Those that do are, by and large, as expensive or more so. Makes me want one of each!

A tool becomes a good value by performing the task set to it without needing to alter the tool or the task to fit the tools' or the users ability to operate the tool.

I didnt mean to get preachy Hell yes I DID........dadogg


anonymous Sat, 11/24/2007 - 22:00



I just don't understand what your problem is.....

Me reading and writing in this forum?

Me trying to share some information about this 2 Mics

Me putting a stupid link of a simple web site

You call me an Idiot and a couple of other things.

Was that really necesary?

If you don't like my posts simply send a privet message.

"Hey dude you know what I don't think is this or that is cool.....bla bla bla"


William Rivera

Davedog Sat, 11/24/2007 - 23:21

I thought I explained it rather well....but since you arent paying any attention then its useless.

BTW. Its impossible to 'share information' about something you know nothing those two mics.

Re-read my last post and see if it makes any sense to you.

Here's a hint: If you dont know anything about the gear you're taling about, then dont talk about it. Its dis-information and on the internet, dis-information is poison. Get it now?

ALSO! Its my job as well as the other Moderators on this site to see that such dis-information isnt spread around like so much cheap paint.

So I'm telling you, as a Moderator on this site, to shut up about things you know nothing about. Talk all you want about things you do know, ask all the questions you want to learn about, just dont start untruths and rumors here.

Or you'll be asked to leave. Are we clear?

anonymous Sun, 11/25/2007 - 04:42

Good for you Davedog, I'm with you 100%.

I have been on other recording forums and had it out with people there, even with the person who runs the forum, because of similar things. This is an art but there is a lot of science involved and too many people believe in pseudo sciences.

If you know something say; I know it as fact because I did it. But unless you have documented evidence or scientific evidence it's still opinion.

If you think you know something say it that way, I think it's this or that, but I could be wrong.

If someone told you, then say I have been told but I do not know from experience.

Simple rules to live by. I live by them and it would help if others did too. There is way too much mis-information on the Internet, we don't need more.

Be humble and truthful, honesty is best. Posturing to cover up your insecurities is childish.

Have an ego, it's cool to have a bit of an ego and be confident with yourself because you know what you can so. It may rub some people the wrong way but so what. If you have the goods then show it, prove it, I respect that and I would think others who do certain things on a very high level will respect it too.

Too many people have a false humbleness, they play humble but deep down inside they are just as egotistical as anybody else in the music business. They play humble as not to attract attention, that's the BS, awe shucks thing. There are truly few real and truly humble people out there, especially in the entertainment field.

If you think you're great, that's fine, prove it. But don't be shocked if not everybody else thinks so, everybody has likes and dislikes and their own opinion.

Bottom line, never, ever talk smack unless you can back it up with some thing, knowledge, performance, something.

To write a post about something you didn't even A/B'd yourself or don't have any experience with is moronic.

This place has the best and most experienced people on the Internet as far as I can tell. To try and fool them is moronic too.

There are some sites that are not moderated as well and those are filled with wannabees and egotistical below average mediocre techs who call themselves recording engineers. Those places are filled with pseudo science and mis-information, guys that if you listen to can damage your equipment. I had it out with one about running a kick through lower level PV mains with 12" speakers, that's a no no and he said sure you can do it. I said okay then you pay for the repairs on the guys speakers then.

Please keep this place clean of those types by putting them in their place. They have a place here but not on the high exalted throne they think they deserve.

Everybody wants to be an expert, everybody wants to be on Dr. House's team, sorry only a very few can ever reach that level. To pretend to be on that level is immature childish nonsense.

Rant over.