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This is an interesting set of interactive demonstrations showing the effect of microphone positioning relative to a performer. All the extracts are recorded using DPA4006A omni microphones in A-B configuration in a good acoustic.

Here is the PSW article that drew my attention to the site. Because I'm a PSW registered member, I can't tell whether this PSW site is accessible to non-members, so let me know if it's not.


audiokid Sat, 06/02/2018 - 07:10

Excellent info, thank you for posting that for us, Bos!

paulears, post: 457500, member: 47782 wrote: Yep - seems fine to me. Interesting stuff. DPA do seem to be a manufacturer who really promotes the entire field of recording and makes the info freely available.

I agree. DPA puts time into educating people which is a win win to me because the more I've learned about recording, the more DPA stands out as very high quality microphones.


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