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I am trying to cause a phase flip within a mic cable, i know it can be done I just dont know how to do it. if you can give me any ideas. or know of any alternatives (like a literal plugin , like the earthworks kick pad, that can flip phase as an incoming signal)

The reason I ask is because I own a PreSonus firepod as well as a Biamp Rackmax 2 (which I currently just use 2 channels to sum my kick drum mic's into one) but I would like to use the same process on my snare, because the other drums (tom's) would need to come into as a stereo signal and take up 2 more tracks, so by summing the 2 snare channels to one mono signal going into the Firepod I would be able to mic all of my drums and overheads without sacrificing another input.


TVPostSound Mon, 01/08/2007 - 17:53

ou can't change phase with cable by itself, but you CAN change the polarity by moving the wire from pin two to three and three to two.

Phase is not the same as polarity always.

I know that, I also know he meant polarity, it was always called a "PHASE BUTTON" so I went with it.

Another cool method is to buy a F to M XLR barrel, open it, and swap wires on pins 2 and 3. Then put a ring of red tape around it to mark it.

Boswell Tue, 01/09/2007 - 07:17

multoc wrote: does anyone know who makes an in-line adapter? and how much one would cost? basically i just want to flip the signal 90 degrees for the snare side mic

You surely mean 180 degrees, unless you hope that putting the microphone side-on to the snare needs a 90 degree shift! "Polarity change" and "phase reverse" are synonymous in this context.

Anyway, try