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On stage, in-studio, non-vocal apps...

Any reports/comments/opinion appreciated...

Yer Graemlins follow, posthaste and sloshed:
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anonymous Sat, 07/21/2001 - 20:09

Hi John,

I used the 105 during a grand piano recording session in a concert hall to record a vocal guide track to help the piano player (it was some chanson thing).
Mic pre was my good ol' amek 9098.
None of the vocal tracks made it to the final mix - this was an option we actually discussed - but everybody asked me , what mic we used, because the sound was extremely good. Very open, airy, silky.
I used it for some live gigs as well - no prob's at all.
The sound is similar to the 184 - no problems with pops.
My favourite handheld vocal mic from now on !

Kind regards

anonymous Sun, 11/11/2001 - 16:12

in my workings with the kms105 in a live sound application i found that the hi mids are more trouble than there worth for a monitor engineer but in the house it provides a life like transparicy that is much welcomed after working with 58's as an industry standard.unfortunately i havent had the oppertunity to work with this mic in any other situation.if i'm in monitor world and see this mic coming i run the othe way.i have had the oppertunity(be it blessed or cursed)several times both @ foh and monitor world with the i stated earlier at foh its a dream but the off axis discrepencies in frequencies (polar pattern responce)make the mic a bit of a head ache no two of the mics had even remotely the same polar pattern responce.there was one constantcy with these mics there pattern was almost always omni at @ 5k which was a pain in my ass but might be right yours

good luck and happy noise making!

anonymous Mon, 11/12/2001 - 17:39

I was also wondering about this mic,
I'm attempting a set up to record vocals and acoustic guitar at the same time and track them individually.
How does the sound quality compare to a large diaphram?

Right now I have a Blue Dragonfly,great sound but picks up to much to track seperatly on vocals.

I'm going to try to use it on the acoustic,might be loud enough to seperate it from the vocal.
I'd hate to lose the sweet sound I get with it on guitar.
Any tips from you guys would be great.


anonymous Fri, 11/16/2001 - 04:19

I used my KMS105 at a club last night while recording a double bill. Both artists and the FOH guy loved the mic.

The only problem with the KMS105 for use on stage is that an artist who is used to a 58 may get too close to the 105. The 105 doesn't sound good if the artist tries to wrap his/her tonsils around it like you might with a 58. It needs an inch or two of space to sound its best. But if the vocalist has good mic technique, the 105 is a great choice.