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These LOOK like a M147 and an M149. I could live life w/o a M149, but something that sounds like a real M147 would be great. anyone had much experience with the new school Neumann?


Guest Sun, 12/07/2003 - 17:22

THey're nowhere near the's best to consider the M149 and M147 as entirely seperate entities when compared to the 49 and 47. Both the 149 and 147 are transformerless mics. The M149 is pretty decent, quite clean and clear in character (plenty of 'air'). The M147 is all about attitude (too much so in my opinion)'s bold and forward, and bright.



anonymous Tue, 12/09/2003 - 05:41

I love the M49, its just not that usefull for recording punk and metal, or at least I do not like it for my tastes in punk and metal. It is a great overhead on drums, for sure, but I like my 414's and 451's enough not to shell out $7,700(what we sold Norah Jones a M49 for at Sorcerer's going out of business sale).

Now the 47's, thats another story. If I had 10 grand I might buy two of them. As far as vocals, I LIKE using a 421 or a beta 58 on vocals, like I said, its PUNK!!!

I would buy a 49 down the line if I become very successful, I love some female vocals on the 49.(expesially Norah)

anonymous Sat, 12/13/2003 - 19:57


Is it possible that the 149 is simply showing the vocalist's limitations in glaring detail? I once did two vocal sessions in one day. I used an AKG C12 on the first vocalist who is well known and insist on C12s because he sounds great on them. That night I tried the mic on a singer in a band I was producing and he sounded really throaty and bad. I put up a Shure SM7 and he was sounding great.


ricknaqvi Mon, 12/15/2003 - 10:23

I own an M147 and used to own a Telefunken U47. The M147 isn't as extended in the low end frequencies as the U47. However, it is a nice flavor to have especially on acoustic instruments (guitar, upright bass). I also will use my M147 on the outside of a kick drum which is something I would be scared to do with the U47! :D

I originally bought a pair of M147's for overheads, but I didn't care for them in that application so I sold one and kept the other for solo instruments and the occasional vocal.

I would recommend trying one out before you buy it especially if you want it for vocals. It's not an extremely bright mic which may be good or bad for you depending on your need.