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As subject states. I'm considering either a pair of RODE nt5's or a pair of AT3031's. Here in Vancouver Canada, the prices are as follows for each:

RODE : $495 for a stereo pair

AT's: $199 a piece ($398 pair)

So, the AT's are nearly a hundred bucks cheaper. I've read quite a few online reviews on harmony central and musician's friend and such. Both microphones are very highly regarded it seems, in terms of bang for the buck. I imagine I'd end up being happy with either one. I'm just wondering if anyone has had any direct comparison experience with these mikes?

I intend to use them for drum overheads and on acoustic guitar/other acoustic instruments.



Boswell Fri, 02/29/2008 - 03:36

They are very different mics with their own characters.

I prefer the Rodes for drum OH. However, the 3031 has a built-in 10dB pad, which is often needed for OH use, and also an HPF.

If you are considering the NT5MP, then consider a bit further and go for the NT55MP, as you get interchangeable omni/cardioid capsules, HPF and pad. Same cardioid capsule as the NT5, but much more flexibility for other uses.

For the money, all these mics give good results on acoustic guitar.