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I purchased it among other things at a studio sale years ago and forgot about having it. I've never heard anyone talk about using one so I'm guessing its probably junk?

Anyone got any suggestions.


anonymous Wed, 07/11/2001 - 20:34

I've got one, it works fine.

I live 5 miles from the acknowledged expert
in the field of re-ribonning these things and
ain't seen fit to have him do anything about
it yet.

I wouldn't go out of my way if I were you. They are noisy, sorta flat, sorta OK, pretty
much generic middle 1960's mics. I have an
EV 664 too. So? I gave away two 666's in trade for a 421. I use the 421, the 666's were what I remembered from elemtary
school as being the shit. George Bensen notwithstanding.

Most old mics are just old mics. Cool looking
but pretty much junk.

I've got a small pile of old EV's, Shure's
and Turner's that are not much more than
neat old chrome or nickel plated paperweights.

Just 'cause their old don't mean their any
damn good.

Look at me fer example...

audiowkstation Wed, 07/11/2001 - 21:19


I guess my old ear curve where nothing ever hurts and the bass moves your chest and clear bass totally extinct. I love the floting image where complex mixes (50 or more channels) are clearly audible all the time...

Guess I need to joint the Britney club and lock 2.7 KHZ and 12K down at a +15dB for the "right sound" (and 7000:1 compression)

LOL again...that is a good one Dave..