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Hey everyone,

This is a new instrumental I'm working on (mixed as per usual on my DT990 pros). I'm trying to up my game on use of reverb.. this is all tracked in Logic Pro and I'm using some room reverb for mix ambience that I bus more or less everything through. Does it work?

Also as per usual with my recordings, drums were programmed using an EZ Drummer hybrid kit (based on the Drumkit From Hell but with the Progressive kit snare); I always struggles with the snare sound but on the mix here, I've got it going through the Studio Fet Logic Pro compressor (-20 threshold, ratio 8, and 5db of makeup) with low attack and release. I've then got that going into an eveloper which as I understand it, is like a poor man's SPL transient designer for extra punch. I quite like it. I then have that going into an EQ to get a more natural snare sound. I do a similar thing with the kick and toms.

I'm also a bit embarassed to say that bass guitar was programmed using EZ Bass (I don't own a decent bass guitar). Would love to find someone to retrack it and do a decent / better job but maybe it sounds ok as-is? I also for the very first time, put the bass guitar ever so slightly through the same ambient reverb bus. I don't usually do this.. but I thought, well, the instrument is meant to be in the 'same room' so why not..

Thanks in advance for any feedback!


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