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Hey all, I've been experimenting with a couple of things here:

- Using logic pro's 'envelope' plugin on snare, kick and toms to add punch (I gather this is like a poor man's SPL transient designer -- I'm still tempted by this plugin , but I'm quite happy with logic pro's version). I'm quite happy with the drum mix on this one, what do other people think?

- Logic pro's studio horns plugin to add some big-band esque stabs

Thoughts on mix overall? Hoping to get the horns sounding as realistic as possible (I'm not horns player though.. I was trying to go with a kind of 'tower of power' vibe) -- I doubled these parts panned +50 left and +50 right to try and make them a bit wider. A mate of mine reckons they might be a tough loud. Thoughts?

- I also experimented building a hybrid EZ drummer kit for those familiar with this software. I've combined elements of the 'drummer from hell' and 'progressive' kits (especially progressive kick and snare which I prefer to the drumkit from hell version)

Thanks again for lending your ears!




kmetal Sat, 11/06/2021 - 13:56

Good overall. I think a little reverb/delay would go a long way to create some space. Also with the horns and guitars, some volume automation would help maintain balance and clarity for each element.

For example with the horns they can be turned down when the guitar comes in, or after the horns are introduced to the section. Once we hear the horns, they can be lowered without us losing them in the mix, since our hearing will be able to discern them once introduced.

kmetal Sat, 11/06/2021 - 19:33

There’s some really good options out there for verbs right now. I never used a real tape delay but something tells me I’d love the sound but not the maintenance.

benhj Mon, 11/08/2021 - 09:09

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I have attempted to add some reverb using logic pro's chromaverb plugin to add some space -- I've added all instruments to varying bus amounts though this. I've also added a small amount of 'tape delay' (again, a logic plugin) to the lead guitar.

Finally, I've attempted to add some 'hammond B3'. I've no idea how good this is (played some laughably basic stuff on my midi keyboard). I used an AU instrument plugin called the "Adam Monroe Rotary Organ". An earlier attempt used the Collab B3 plugin, but this sounded pretty shrill and not entirely convincing..

Anyway, without wanting to flood the board with too many updates to the mix, I've attached the latest with these changes. Appreciate if any of you manage to have another listen! :-)




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