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i recently purchased an Avalon 747 because i was told it is the best thing out right now to improve your digital audio sound during mastering.

i cant figure out how to connect the Avalon to my audio interface which is a PreSonus Firepod. and i also dont know how to setup a single audio track of my overall mix in Sonar to send it to the Avalon for mastering. can anyone explain exactly how to setup the Avalon with the Firepod and how to set the ins and outs in Sonar? thanx.



anonymous Tue, 05/02/2006 - 12:39

I want in before this gets locked yet again....

My poor lost soul, Manny. Did you not read the moderators last post the previous time you started this same thread? Let's hope, for your sake, that Shotgun doesn't get in on this. :lol:

First off, do you know what "mastering" is? Now, if you do, that you'd understand that you'll need some sort of mixed production on your computer. If this were the case, you'd think you would understand the principals of routing here. BTW, don't insult Remy, she has more knowledge in the world of recording than you could fathom. There are two 747's and one happens to be a channel strip.

Please pick up your manuals, read them, learn your gear through continuous practice, then come back with a question that you can't figure out yourself through experience and a bit of common sense. Oh, and somewhere in there you should stop listening to the salesman at your local Guitarmart.