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Cubase le.

I have two audio tracks.. Appox 3min worth. I set the locators to encompass the area I won't mixed down.

I click on file > export > audio mixdown

Set all the settings, file name, wave / uncompressed, check effects, stereo interleaved, 16bit, 44.100khz

I hit save.. It shows a status bar like its mixing down.. takes like 15 - 20 seconds or so... It makes a .wav file where it should have been mixed down. but theres nothign in the wav file. Its like 101kb size.. am I missing somthing here or does this program just suck goat horns?

Please help I really want this to work properly.. I worked on this and need to upload it somewhere tonight, and Im so frustrated from scewing around with this that I jsut want to punch in my screen. Please dont let me. =]

Thank you!

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anonymous Wed, 09/21/2005 - 19:45

AudioGaff wrote: Starting a topic where you are screamming like an idiot is not the best way to get help. Here is an idea, read the manual. You'll also likely find answers quicker if you just go to the source...

OH MAN! I FORGOT ABOUT THE CAPS! I was being a bit frantic eh? Anyway I allready cosulted the manual, and Looks like im going to have to re-install or somthing.


anonymous Wed, 09/21/2005 - 21:52

After a while of trying to figure it ou. I just said the hell with it and installed my copy of N-Track studio.. It works =]

Heres what i mixed down.

Its just me and my guitar. It was a quick recording, live 1 take in my computer room, so quality may not be that good. Theres probably a mistake in there too, i just wrote the song.

I set it up with one Large Diaphram Condensor mic (picking up vocals and guitar) and a line in out of my guitar. Recorded vocals and guitar at the same in one shot. Then cubase wouldnt mix it down so i spent half the night screwing around and eventually downloaded N-Track studio. That worked to mix it down and I here it is.

Just n-track's silly reverb on the guitar/vox track. no other processing or plugs.. just straight out of the recorder..

Hows it sound?


anonymous Tue, 10/11/2005 - 05:17

slowjett I use Cubase SX, its the same as yours but with some more features.

You have 2 tracks within cubase right?

you want to export those 2 tracks into a stereo 2 track to listen to in your MP3 player or burn to CD right?

You appear to have most of the settings right? You said that it showed you a status bar so then it did make a file for you. Cubase will usually save exported files to the audio project folder you are working in. Check there first and see if you see it. If not then now you know that you didnt see where the file was saving to and now you have some 3 minute wave file (16bit @ 44.1k approx. 24mb) sitting all alone on your HD.

Another thing, there should be an "import to" option that has 2 boxes you could check. 'pool' and 'audio track'. Select 'pool' so the file will save to the audio pool in the project your working on. That will make it easier for you to find it and it will keep all associated files together.

Hope this helps.

anonymous Tue, 12/27/2005 - 00:20

Pretty rude of me not to reply sooner. But since I kinda fixed the problem, i guess i didnt come back to the post.. Anyway the problem was that it was one of the windows hicups... I re-booted xp later that night and the problem went away, and I was able to mixdown. Too bad i didnt use my brain sooner =]


Thanks so much for the super awesome compliments. I didnt think it came out that awesome, but it was better than I expected. It was a very simple recording. One mic in front of me and the guitar. Plus I lined out the guitar into a second channel. Recorded the acoustic and vocals at the same time in one take with the room mic (Studio Projects B1) about 20 inches away about upper chest level. And of course recorded the line in on a seperate track. So I had 2 tracks. I leveled them, added a little bit of reverb to the main track. Pan'd the line track all the way to the left (i think) and brought the volume way down so you can just get a hint and it gave it a wider stereo feel without haveing too much in there. Didnt do much EQing at all I dont think, just the reverb. Then mixed it down.

Thats pretty much it =]

Thanks again!