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Noticed this in the pipeline section of http://www.Sebatron .com/

Looks good Seb. I'm assuming it a dual channel solid state pre?

Can you describe its tonal character? Does it compare to anything?


(so many questions, so little time)


Sebatron Tue, 07/04/2006 - 12:01

Not an x-ray source this one. :lol:

Coming soon: Cygnus X-2

It’s a two channel high impedance transformerless solid state preamp that runs on a single +60 Volt internal rail. It’s all discrete using low noise transistors.
There are no intergrated circuits or chips in the audio path.

Power supply is internal ( no wall wart ) .
There’s 65 to 70db of clean gain.
Compared to the vmp , which is of course a valve preamp , Cygnus is a lot more transparent but without being overly so.It exhibits soft clipping tendencies when driven and has an accurate frequency response without a hyped top end.
It’s a fast preamp without sounding brittle.
It’s due out in about a month with revised front panel artwork and a different front panel finish.

I’ll keep you posted on details. 8-)