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I thought that this might interest those with home studios like myself. I recorded my fourth solo instrumental album over the past few years and decided to film as many of the sessions as I could. It enabled me to put together a “making of” video using a lot of the footage that I captured during the recordings.

The video gives an in depth analysis of a few of the tracks and how these songs are constructed in terms of the instruments, parts, arrangement, production etc. Certain instrument parts are highlighted to provide the viewer/listener with an insight into how they fit into the final mix.

All the guitars parts were recorded with the Kemper Profiler directly into the DAW using my own profiles from my pedals and a Marshall JCM2000 combo.

The Hammond organ was recorded at the keyboard player’s home studio.

I hope that you enjoy!


audiokid Wed, 12/08/2021 - 11:37

Excellent video. Totally agree with how sounds inspire us. I'll search through my libraries,  hear something that fits my mood, add a beat to it and the rest evolves from within lifelong music experiences.

So fun to watch. Thank you for sharing this!


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