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Another lock down project, but one I've wanted to try for a while.

As we do video and audio work, the music we produce usually fits to the edited video - and we produce it watching the video. Just after Christmas, a client needed a re-edit, trimming some parts from the video that featured a product he no longer manages. This was annoying because the scene was around 30 secs too short for the video. Luckily, the music was more atmospheric and it wasn't too tricky to cut down, but it made me think how you'd manage if the music wasn't editable like this.

Having nothing to do - I took a clip I found on the internet from an old movie favourite with a theme in the audio. Blade Runner from the 80s - music by Vangelis. I imagined I needed to do one of those edits to reduce violence, and remove a tiny bit that was an issue. I figured in this clip the girl plays the piano, with visible sheet music. In my head I made the music a copyright issue, so that component had to go - so I made cuts and reassembled it. In the original there's a more angry centre section which had to remain. The plan therefore was to re-record the piece, making a few cuts and tweaks to get the thing to fit, but remain clearly the same piece of music.

What do you think? Good for practice I think.



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