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Hi folks,

I posted a month or two back about how I'm getting back into recording. Well, I finally have a rough mix ready for your ears! This is a song I wrote a few years back. The mix still needs a lot of work, and there are a couple small parts I am going to re-record, but I think it's at the point now where it can benefit from some peer feedback. Let me know what you think. General impressions, and also the finer details. The more in depth the better! 

I'm specifically wondering:

-Does the shaker seem off rhythm? I hate to overedit things like this, but I might have to.

-How do the esses and shs sound? I'm really happy with them.

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DogsoverLava Tue, 07/26/2022 - 14:23

For my ears there's too much pitch correction going on in the vocals and that takes something away from the integrity of what would otherwise be a very intimate performance. Why is this a problem for me? it's insincere - and the lyrical weight & aesthetic of this song should be grounded in the sincere... the "strings" also need a longer more natural decay - they end a bit too abruptly and obviously..

The voice (and the melody itself) here is really similar to Ty Tabor's voice on his latest solo release "Sister Genocide" - it's worth listening to see how a more natural voice in those end of phrase cadences sounds compared to this. There's more emotion available to the listener in the trailing off of notes and the flux in pitches. Tell me what you think after listening.

Sonically the mix sounded pretty good - the shakers are ok - you might consider ramping them up a bit in the last quarter of the song to drive a little more energy into the song

Most of my criticisms on this are just my opinion - thinking with my producer's hat on - others may disagree. Good luck..

ClarkJaman Tue, 07/26/2022 - 16:01

Thanks DogsoverLava. Pitch correction has been a journey for me. I'm not a singer, and I'm self conscious about my singing voice, and so I rely on pitch correction too much. This song I used less than I used to, but perhaps it's still a little heavy.

DogsoverLava Wed, 07/27/2022 - 17:28

audiokid wrote:

I hope this isn’t your “one last song”! I always remember the song I mixed for you that I just loved! 


Ya - I agree - I thought this was a strong song but for the production related critique. I'd be curious to hear the real vocal take - with a little more air and less gloss --- sure fix the pitches on the notes that ask for it - just don't apply it to the whole track.

I think of Jason Isbell a bit too when I listen to this - compare/contrast hiw vocal production and signal chain to yours and see if you can get just a little closer to a natural vocal.…


Also curious about your thoughts on the Ty Tabor song I posted and his vocal.

ClarkJaman Thu, 07/28/2022 - 11:11

Don't worry Audiokid, I also hope this isn't my last song! I still listen very fondly to that mix you did for me all those years ago!

 Dogsoverlava, I like both of those songs you posted, especially the second one. My main reaction is just "yeah but those guys are actual singers!" lol.
If I sang like that I wouldn't need much pitch correction either. :P