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I'm looking to replace a couple of evil 16 space SKB (Shoddily Konstructed Boxes) shockmount racks in the next month or so, before they warp so bad that I can get the covers back on.

Does anyone here have a brand of shockmount racks that are better built than these? I've managed to destroy them over about 12 months, just from the weight of the gear inside. Furthermore, the shockmounting has barely made any difference in terms of robustness of gear - I've had no end of problems keeping the Mackie inside one of them from working properly for more than a few months at a time - most likely due to vibration.

I'm not beating these boxes to death, or overloading them (maybe 100-150lbs of gear in 16 racks)They travel infrequently, and then only about 5 minutes in the back of a moving van, every other month. We baby them, but they aren't long for this world. Any suggestions? There has to be something out there that actually protects the gear...

Thanks all!


anonymous Tue, 01/27/2004 - 15:40

I recently bought a case from Get Off of My Case (I found their site on Google...) they've been making cases around here for years.

I like Calzone/Anvil, of course, and they got most of our case money over the years. There are some other lesser known companies that make similar cases, but the quality is all over the place.

You should know though that over time, NONE of the lids ever fit.


jdsdj98 Tue, 01/27/2004 - 19:30

I have 2 cases from [[url=http://[/URL]="http://www.grundorf…"]Grundorf[/]="http://www.grundorf…"]Grundorf[/] and am very happy with both. I have also used Anvil cases, but Grundorf, in my limited experience, offers comparable quality for less $$$$. They mostly custom build all their cases, so expect to wait a month or so for anything out of the ordinary, but it's super rugged and I expect mine to last a long time.

Thomas W. Bethel Wed, 01/28/2004 - 02:37

Try these people they make excellent cases ( I have about 15 of them) plus they custom make every case and their designer is a fanatic about quality and fit. Some of their clients include the US government, top touring sound companies and major US orchestras. Their cases are rugged and I know from person experience that they can take a tumble and keep the gear intact. They are also reasonable as to pricing.

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