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If you are interested in compression (of the analog variety) you will be interested in Ted Fletcher's latest line of work. His latest unit 'Edward the compressor' pushes optical technology to the point where it emulates other forms of compression, (rather than the other way round).

I think this is a first? If not, can someone let me know before I claI'm this is the case:)

Just thought you'd be interested!

Danny Fletcher

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anonymous Wed, 05/14/2003 - 03:12

I can't think of anything funny to say, and I don't want to come across like a jerk, so I, tfpro_guys, will merely direct you to a thread in the Audio Designers Forum called "Edward the Compressor". Note please that Alan Hyatt is one of the mods there.
Or was this like firing a shot across the bow? Doc

Bobby Loux Wed, 05/14/2003 - 09:28

Help me out here fellas, just for a quick second:

Ted Fletcher is the infamous foul mouthed mercenary audio dude and from the *** forum correct? he was once affiliated with Joe Meek products from what I heard?

tfpro poster above name is Danny Fletcher (I'm assuming its his son) i coulnt help but notice all the TFPro (Ted Fletcher Products) look exactly like all the Joe meek gear exept its red in color? (I mean exactly!)

Is this all the same dude? and if so, why does he pimp so much other gear at mercenary yet you never hear him talking about (or anyone for that matter) or selling TFPRO (red joe meek) gear?

someone want to put this all togather for me?


KurtFoster Wed, 05/14/2003 - 11:48

Originaly posted by Bobby Loux;

Ted Fletcher is the infamous foul mouthed mercenary audio dude and from the *** forum correct? he was once affiliated with Joe Meek products from what I heard?

Bobby Loux...
As Nate has pointed out, these are not the same Fletchers . As far as who Danny is, that is anybodies guess but it does appear as if he is spamming for Ted.

Edward "Ted" Fletcher, was at one time, an assistant for Joe Meek and after the famous engineer passed away for some reason, Ted laid claim to some of Mr. Meeks work. He went on to exploit the name and put out the line of gear that as we all know over time became worse and worse. The original SC2 comp was IMO the only good thing they ever put out and the only good ones of those were produced in the first couple of years. The later ones were not as good.

Alan Hyatt and PMI have recently bought the rights for the Joe Meek name and all designs. It now appears that Mr. Fletcher is attempting an end run on the deal by releasing this "Edward the Compressor" which he is claiming has substantial revisions to the design and method of operation.

Mr. Hyatt claims however that PMI has purchased some of the "Edwards" and had them disassembled and has found the name "Joe Meek" on the circut boards, lamely scratched off but still leaving a trace of the lettering. Mr. Hyatt believes there are no significant changes to the designs. Bottom line is these are sh*tty devices anyway and not real quality designs. PMI is in the process of doing new RD and design and releasing new products, in an attempt to bring the quality of Joe Meek equipment back up to the standards of the original SC2 ...

Originaly posted by Alan Hyatt in the "Designing The Future" forum;

.... To address your question, this is really getting to be a thing with Ted Fletcher. I am not sure how deep I should go on this subject, so I will leave it up to the members just how deep they want me to go.

To summarize, Ted was forced out of business. I bought the company from the Liquidators. I had already owned the trademark for the USA and Canada, as well as the Artistic and Intellectual rights for the USA...end of story!

So, now I buy the rights in the UK, and then expand my rights in all the EU countries, as well as all of Asia, and some other countries as well.

So, now Ted and friends are turning out the same goods, same designs, but claim they are so updated and are all new. If you go to the forum on TFPro, Ted says, and I quote:

Ted Fletcher
"The difference between the P1 and a VC1QCS? The P1 is 2 years on from the design of the other one. It's designed for the same function, but there are differences in all areas; there are differences in the compressor, which has a new type compression cell, and the microphone amplifier where the gain structure is the result of some recent development. The TFPRO range has given us the opportunity to revisit all areas of design."

Ok, so most everyone now believes this BS, yet when you buy this gear, and I know because we bought them, it says inside on the PC boards...JOEMEEK!!!!! They scratched as much of Joemeek off as they could, but you can still read it.

In other words, they did absolutely fucking nothing, but the man himself lies like a fucking rug so the entire world can catch him. The board is a Joemeek board in a Joemeek chasis painted red and called TFPro...end of story. Yet Ted spews all of this BS. Well, Ted has lost all credibility as a result of his blatent lies.

As for Edward the compressor, it is a C2 in a large chassis with some enhancement and EQ to try and make it sound like other compressors which it does not do. The plug Ins sound better!

So, as we continue to buy more boxes and continue to build our case against them, we must sit by until the legal eagles are ready to present the case in court. When this happens, Ted Fletcher will be shut down and out of business again...but he will be back doing something else. Only this time, I will own his house!!!!

Alan M. Hyatt
PMI Audio Group
toll free: 877-563-6335
e-mail: alan@pmiaudio

So these are the facts and opinions that are available as the situation currently stands. I will reserve my opinions to myself but let me say I personally would like to thank Alan Hyatt for all the time he contributes here at RO answering members questions and asking what type of products they would like to see come to the market. Alan has also helped to support RO by advertising here continually and we are all aware of the high quality he has brought to the marketplace at affordable prices. I personally look forward to new products from PMI and Studio Projects. Kurt Foster / Review Editor, staff writer Recording.ORG

KurtFoster Fri, 05/16/2003 - 11:14

Originally posted by yorik:

As Nate has pointed out, these are the same Fletchers ...

Sorry, but shouldn't this read ...these are not the same...

Fletcher from Mercenary Audio has nothing to do with Ted Fletcher.

Thanks for pointing that out to me.. That is what I meant to say... they are NOT the same person.. sorry for the typo... Kurt


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