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In terms of mastering and editing capabilites (i don't need to mutrtrack, just one stereo file), aslo maybe CD burning, which of the two is better and why? Thanks

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Ammitsboel Sun, 06/06/2004 - 12:11

I use Sequoia when my PC is up :lol: Have you read the other post of mine about PC problems?

My best advice is to contact your local gear/software shop and try it out, and if best you can take it home on your own pc to test it.
When you test the software you should test for how transparant the software is when bouncing and routing a digital signal in and out of the system(Software, PC and soundcard).

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FifthCircle Tue, 07/13/2004 - 18:06

Sorry about the late reply.. I've been too busy lately to spend a whole lot of time here...

I've been using Sequoia exclusively for about 5 years now (since before it officially came out). I've also been a beta tester for them for that time and work on the side for a guy here in LA that is making turnkey systems (

Disclaimers aside... I have looked at other systems (wavelab included) and every time I come back to Sequoia because it does everything that I need. I personally really like the object-based model of working. To be able to nondestructively do anything to any piece of audio is real power. Add to that the fact that I can do a 48 track surround mix and then turn around and do a 2 track master (where I export a DDP for replication) without having to learn other pieces of software and use other hardware is a major plus for me.

With any native system, it is only going to be as good as your sound card that you install. For that reason, I use RME on one of my rigs and Lynx on the other. The RME will turn into a Lynx in my next computer too...

You can get great results out of either program but it really depends on your workflow and what you hope to accomplish with the computer. For me the choice has always been answered with Sequoia and I haven't looked back since. It isn't perfect, but then again what is?


Ben Godin Tue, 07/13/2004 - 19:51

Thank you for the reply Ben, i respect your kind of work for it is very challanging just as mastering is, i gave sequoia a try a few weeks back, and ill tell you, it isnt' for me, see i like the 8 master channel inputs and, well, so so many things about wavelab, seqoia has a great nr feature, but, ive decided to stick to wavelab and i no longer have the seqoia beta, thanks for posting and thank you very much on the imput. 8-) :wink: