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I got a Shure SM 57 and when i open the mic, there is 2 wires inside, i did read somewere in here, that there is suppose to be 3 wires inside the SM57,,,can anybody help me

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JoeH Sat, 01/22/2005 - 18:06

Why did you open it? Was there a problem?

If you opened (unscrewed) the mic element side of the unit, you'll probably see just two wires (black and red) that go to the input of the transformer. (red goes to the Positive of the capsule, and black goes to the other (Ground side), if memory servces correctly.) This is normal.

There's an iso transformer between the mic capsule and the output (xlr) connector. (Among other things, this also keeps your dynamic mic from blowing up whenever you plug it into a Phantom Powered connection.)

There should be three wires on the other side (the XLR) or at least two (white and green?) on the + and - sides, with perhaps the ground open, or strapped to the case when you tighten the set-screw. (Not sure how they're wiring them these days...)