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I have an alesis imultimix 8 usb mixer the power connector wires have come off that connect to the power connector which sits on back of mixer can anyone tell me how these connect back on please the connector has 1,2,3 labelled on it but i have no idea where the different wires go to any help or photos of another one be very much appreciated and grateful 
Power connector


Boswell Thu, 08/25/2022 - 15:52

We talked about this in the other thread where you posted, but the picture is new.

Can you confirm that this is the cable that is internal to the mixer that should run between the power header connector on the motherboard and either the 3-pin power socket, or the on/off switch, both mounted on the rear panel of the mixer? It looks as though the wires have pulled out of whatever they were meant to connect to. However, they don't appear to have been soldered, so they were.either just pushed in, or they were crimped or they went to screw terminals.

Can you find on the motherboard the socket that the plastic plug on the end of the wires (extreme left of your photo) should plug into? If you can, please post a photograph of that area of the motherboard. It should include the rectifier diodes and the voltage regulators.

A related question is whether there are still wires between the power input connector and the power switch on the inside of the rear panel?

To work out which is the correct wire for each pin you will need a multimeter that can read Ohms, AC volts and DC volts (up to about 30V).