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Im looking for a schematic for a quad eight CA 127. Anybody gots? Im looking to turn these amps into mic preamps, has anyone done this? Suggestions on a decent mic transformer? Im sure jensen makes something that will work, but wondering if sowter or lundahl might have one that will work.




anonymous Tue, 07/08/2003 - 15:27

I definitley need some info on the CA27 cards. I have some that are fully populated and they appear to be a dual amp design, transformerless. are there any QE experts online? Id love to know what these were used for in the consoles. Im in the process of building an 8x2 mixer out of CA127 amps, but am trying to figure out whether or not these could work in a design.




anonymous Tue, 12/23/2003 - 18:24

Everything from Q8 wasn't different. They used discrete op amps in most of the circuits. The AM4 as used in the 300 series and the AM10 as used in the 700 series. The CA stuff I've seen seems to be the AM10 op amp... Like you can use the 990 in different circuits or the API2520 in different circuits, like a mic pre or the API compressor, or the API EQ or the latter Pultec EQ for a gain make-up instead of the tube circuit....


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