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Has anyone listened the 3D Audio Pre CD by Lynn Fuston? (or any of the other titles) from 3daudio?

The 3D Pre CD Volume 1 features 34 female vocal recordings in mono, using a Manley Reference microphone through 30 different preamps and 30 samples of a McPherson acoustic guitar, recorded in stereo using a Neumann KM-84 and an Audio-Technica 4033. The CD includes pictures from the 3D Preamp Listening Party, a complete list of the preamps, with URLs and pricing, a description of the testing procedure and a key to identify the preamps.
Preamps included are:
AMEK 9098 Dual Mic Amp, Aphex 1100-Tube, API 512, ART Tube Channel, Audio Upgrades High-Speed Mic Preamp, Avalon VT-737, Buzz MA-2, Crane Song Flamingo, Daking 52270, dbx 386, dbx 786, D.W. Fearn VT-2, Earthworks LAB 102, Focusrite Red 1, Focusrite ISA 110, Focusrite 430, GML 8300, Grace Design 201, Great River MP-2MH, Hardy M-1, Langevin, Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro, Manley Dual Mono, Martech MSS-10, Millennia HV-3B, Millennia M-2B-tube, Neve 1081, Oram MWS, PreSonus MP20, Sytek, Telefunken V-76, Vac Rac, Vintech 1272. This CD also available at a discount in the 3D Bestseller's Package.

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