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Just wondering about anyone's experiences with RND 5088 or API 2448 or SSL ORIGIN? Sound....ease of use....etc?????


audiokid Tue, 02/28/2023 - 15:42
All awesome choices! For the (primary?) console I would base my choice on the type of sound or choice of music I was targeting most. Neve, API and SSL all have a sound. SSL as clean so no sound really. Neve being the most grit and SSL the most clear and API more in the middle. Lots of engineers who like the clean pop sound choose an SSL. Many engineers hate them because they sound too sterile. I've always wanted an API and Neve. When I was hybrid mixing and had a lot of analog gear I was intrigued with hybrid tracking, mixing and mastering (all three) so I chose the big 120V rail Neos as the core console. It has huge headroom so you can drive anything and many things in and out of it. I added high end mastering and mixing boxes to it and used a few DAW's and 3 ADDA to connect racks of gear to it all which enabled me to automate and insert analog gear infront or at the end of the mix, everything from mastering clean mixes to super coloured with a click of a mouse. Hybrid is definitely fun but I can see having a specific console like API or Neve as my main desk and keeping it simple and dedicated. Hybrid isn't all its hyped to be either. The more you learn, the more less seems to be more. I think I would go for the Neve, especially if I was doing more rock. But API would be great too and maybe safer bet as the primary console middle of the road. So much to consider.

Studio Jiimaan Tue, 02/28/2023 - 17:53

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We have already decided on a FIX Audio Designs 64 ch immersive analogue console for our main room (our emphasis will be on immersive music production)....but considering choices of RND 5088 and API 2448 as consoles for other two main spaces for use in both tracking and particular consoles with automation....but may opt for a 48 ch. FIX immersive in one of those spaces instead....the SSL ORIGIN is a consideration for smallest space and for use in educational/teaching/training situations....having an 5088 or 2448 or even both will allow for providing options in studio for tracking in stereo as well as for post production in immersive as well....this is planned latest layout:


studio layout

audiokid Tue, 02/28/2023 - 18:44
Will you please take pictures and notes as it goes to share it with us? We just love this stuff. Its been a few years since we had a big studio discussion. So many indies and home studios took out big studio. It will be so fun and interesting to hear all about it.