Skip to main content I'm looking to expand (once again) my studios dynamic mic's...right now I'm recording only with Shure sm57's as my dynamic mics. I'm looking for I mic mainly for recording some guitar cabinets but it would be a plus if it could record some drum tracks/ other stuff...
both of the mics cost the same (100$) any one had some exprince with one or both of them?
what do u say?


anonymous Thu, 05/03/2007 - 18:29

I have both Audix i5 and Sennheiser e609.

I like both dynamic mics but the e609 is very specific to micing guitar cabinets and it's kinda low headroom that a nice preamp with high gain is needed.

Audix i5 is a very versatile mic just like the SM57. I tend to prefer it over the SM57. Good for micing guitar cabs, drums (snare, toms), percussion and even vocals.

good luck with your choice.

Davedog Thu, 05/03/2007 - 20:12

I own SM57, SM57 UnidyneIII, Audix i5, and used to own MD409, which is the elderly parent of the 609. I have listened to the 609 in a limited trial and wasnt impressed. It didnt exhibit the warmth of its parental lineage.

The i5, on the other hand, is a very versatile mic capable of quality reproductions of many sources, and like the 57 is virtually indestructable.

It is currently my go-to snare mic. For guitar cabinets, I am putting up the KEL HM-1 condenser. It is a slightly dark, clear, and accurate mic that can stand a good amount of db's and not break up. Theres a particular 'bloom' about this mic that seems to enhance guitar sounds.

Its around the same price as the others and has a trial with moneyback guarantee. Which you should not need to exercise.

For certain guitar sounds and snares that are a bit 'toppy' I still use the old UnidyneIII. Its a friend I've trusted for 25 years and I dont see putting it away anytime soon.

moonbaby Sun, 06/24/2007 - 11:22

The i5 is great on snare (like DD said), and it works great as OH on kits in a live situation, much better in many situations where you'd normally use a 57 (including amp cabs).
I too, was not impressed with the Sennheiser 609. Just too one-dimensional. I like mics that do well in more than 1 or 2 scenarios.
The only Sennheiser that I thought did this is the 421 ( and the 441).

DrGonz Thu, 07/05/2007 - 02:22

How funny!!

About a yr ago, I was buying a couple of SM57's and the guy said to me "man have u tried the Audix i5". Usually that means the guys hustling u for a low grade mic upsale.... yadi yadi yadi But "the guy" was right about the mic and in the past yr, the last 2 shows I played the sound guy switched the typical SM57 w/ the i5. I like to use it in tandem on my guitar cab w/ the SM57 on one speaker and the i5 on another. Lets say u tried doubling 2 SM57's, U would think that would be a wise choice. However, that only induces phase hell within the image of the track. But I find that combining the i5 w/ my beloved SM57 to create a nice low mid track to help support the sound. But if I had to choose between the SM57 and i5 then you shurely would know my answer. I like the senn e 609 too but i5 would be my choice between those...


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