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Running 1967 fender tele through all of them,I found the following:

Avalon:Pretty clear, not a lot of color, not very punchy pretty much what I put in

Pacifica very punchy,more dimension and a nice low and top end it just sounded better in my opinion .

Neve 1073: punchy has a great low end and I did not notice the clarity on the top end that I would preferred,but very cool nonetheless .

What's your guy's experience with these


pcrecord Fri, 11/21/2014 - 04:59

I don't own any of those but I'd like to have a neve 1073 or a vintech clone..

Thing is the choice of mic, mic placement and pre all depend on the source you are given.
I'd probably use the Avalon on a dark old tube amp. But the neve on an 'all knobs up' JCM800 marshall.

With every new Customer, we need to adapt our skills and gear. If you are Lucky enough to have difference flavor of mics and preamps, you're safe ! ;)


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