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What do you think this broadcasting gear I have acquired ? Is it still any good or completely 'basic' in comparison to modern machines. I paid 2 K for it ...


paulears Thu, 11/19/2020 - 07:07

2K? BBCX Cardiff auction had some that went an awful lot cheaper than that. The Turntable is pretty much the forerunner of the later 1210 range. The start up torque was huge and the key feature (bar the ridiculous weight) was the speed at which it went up to speed. It was nearly as fast as the slip mats previously used, and made fader start possible! You'll notice the placement and angle of the arm is also a bit different. The BBC preferred this at the time as it slip the error angle of the pickup stylus - as it correct in the middle of the travel, and a little off either side. Hi-fi designs tended to have the stylus placement a bit more towards the front, and this gradually changes as the arm went across.

It's and excellent piece of design - the whole thing increases the value a bit of course, but there's one still being bid on at the moment - a double one

I think I'd have been happy paying maybe £1200 - but of course the hi-fi idiots will buy these things for more than you paid - so I doubt you'd have trouble shifting it. It is a lovely piece of kit, though.