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I'm looking for some help,

What I want to do is get two 003s, get them modified by black lion audio, then ADAT those guys together to get a clean 16 (channels).
This is what I know so far:
- you can not daisy chain 003s via firewire
- I was told the 003 does not have a stand alone mode that sends its outputs to ADAT.
- LE can only record 18 tracks at a time

So what I decided to do is to buy a 002, black line mod it, then later on buy a 003 and black line mod it, but what I need to know is once I get said 003, could I have 8 outboard pres going into the 002, then going out ADAT into the 003 and it will record into pro tools.

I know theoretically this could work, the problem is theoretically a lot of things are suppose to work with pro tools, but it doesn't because, Digi Design always says, well if you want to do that you need HD, well guess what I don't have $15,000 laying around, and I want to record some demos, and not rent out a studio, is that too much to ask for Avid.

If you have any information that could help me in anyway, that would be awesome, thanks guys and gals.


Boswell Tue, 08/03/2010 - 02:13

Yes, that should work. You can use the 002 in its standard form as an 8-channel FireWire interface with ProTools: 4 mic channels plus 4 line input channels fed from external pre-amps. When you get an 003, you can use the 002 in standalone mode feeding the ADAT input of the 003. With another 4 external pre-amps you would then have 16 mic input channels of varying quality.

Black line mods are cheap and easy to do using a permanent marker. Black Lion mods cost a little more.

kmetal Tue, 08/03/2010 - 20:58

for the ballpark price of an 003 you could pick up an RME fireface 800, you'd still need some external pre's to up the track count, but that unit has a great rep. of course PT Le would be out of the picture. just presenting an alternative that could stay w/ you until you outgrow 56 simultaneous inputs.

Boswell Wed, 08/04/2010 - 02:11

The FireFace 800 has 26 inputs. If you have an FireWire 800 bus, you can daisy-chain a pair of them to get 56 inputs. You get 8 mic pre-amps in that count of 56, so you would need 48 channels of external pre-amps, 32 of them with ADAT outputs (44.1/48 KHz) and 4 of them with S/PDIF outputs. High quality, high $$$. Not sure I can see the point.