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My wish list mic is a Brauner VMA

anyone try this model of Brauner as of yet? comments?


Sanity Inn

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Guest Wed, 02/09/2005 - 07:46

I have tried it... I wasn't all that impressed. For that kind of money [hell, for a lot less than that kind of money!!] I've found the Microtech Gefell UM-75 to be a whole lot more than the VMA.

The Horch RMJ2 mic is another mic I have found to be clearer and larger sounding along with several from the Soundelux line.

The VMA is supposed to be Brauner's entry into "big" sounding microphones [a departure from things like the VM-1 which is pretty sterile sounding]. It incorporates some of the improvements from the Brauner "KHE" but in this users opinion not nearly enough of the size and character of the "KHE" to make the mic worth the asking price.

The Microtech Gefell UM-75 is a faithful recreation of one of Georg Neumann's greatest accomplishments, the UM-57. Vintage UM-57's tend to be a good measure inconsistent but the UM-75 doesn't have that issue. With a custom output transformer made by TAB-funkenwerks and the only PVC diaphragmed capsule in current manufacture, this mic sounds HUGE while maintaining a detail and clarity found in few other mics at any price.

Best of luck with your search.

anonymous Wed, 02/09/2005 - 13:30

Hey Fletch

I did some reading on Klaus's site, aboutmods etc,,

also saw another site that made mention that only 75 pcs of the Gefel um 75 limited editions were made,, highly doubt i'll be able to grab one before they sell, unless they sell slow, but if that's the case, is there another model they make that's roughly the same ? is there a same non limited edition?

thanks again

Guest Thu, 02/10/2005 - 07:15

FWIW we have a couple of UM-75's on the way in to replace the UM-75's that just went out... the serial numbers are 43/75 and 44/75 [43 and 44 of 75 which says to me that the run is barely half sold].

On a somewhat amusing note I had one offered to me yesterday for 6000 EUR... it had a very low serial number...

As for the bass, I think it's rather rich without being exagerated... if that means "tight" then I reckon it's "tight".

Overall I would characterize the microphone's qualities as rather deep and rich... something that juxtaposes quite well, takes EQ brilliantly [if necessary] and can 'sit' in mix without constantly raising the level of the recorded track.

anonymous Thu, 02/10/2005 - 07:45

Thanks Fletch

tell me,,, as a guy who is looking for one good mic to do acoustic guitar and my vocals,,,

is the 3 polar patterns enuff potential on the UM 75 as apposed to the brauner VMA with 2 sets of sounds and 8 patterns?

also, re mods of the Gefel with valve change etc, that i read on other post, is it worth the tweak?

apprciate the patients in answers,,,

unless for the 6 grand i had in mind to spend, you have a few other suggestions that will do the trick, maybe a matched pair of....?

again thanks

Guest Thu, 02/10/2005 - 11:18

Hunting down a C-12 is always a fine idea... hunting down a good C-12 is very often one hell of a search. In buying any "vintage" microphone I would highly recommend that you have an inspection performed by a qualified microphone technician such as Tony Merill down at Stephen Paul Audio in LA or Klaus Heyne from German Master Works in Eugene, OR .

As for the bazillion patterns and other waka, waka marketing features... eh. The Soundelux stuff is continuously variable in terms of pattern selection but most of the time, most of the users use one of the three major patterns.

There are times when a "hyper" bordering on "super" cardioid is a neat thing, but on the whole those happen rather few times in the course of a career.

Brad_Lunde Fri, 02/11/2005 - 09:30

Sanity Inn wrote: Hiyas.
My wish list mic is a Brauner VMA
anyone try this model of Brauner as of yet? comments?
Sanity Inn

Hey Sanity Inn:

Glad to hear a VMA is one you are looking at. Our first four customers were Al Schmitt, Elliot Schiener, Neil Dorfsman and Dave Smith over at Sony. Al is using it daily, Elliot told me he wishes he had the mic for Steely Dan, its the best mic he's ever heard, Neil tells us he loves it, it is amazing its his go to mic now. We get many comments like that on this particular mic.

The two in one thing is clever. The electronics completely change the way they operate internally, rebiasing the tube etc. The one sound is the classic VM1 sound, the other is something new (the VMA sound); that's the sound those guys above fall in love with.

The Vm1 is probably best as a female and acoustic mic. Very good at distance, almost small diaphragm like but with intimacy. I had Paul Reed Smith tell me it was the best acoustic mic every, ended his 20 year search for perfect acoustic tone from a mic (funny too, as that exact mic Paul has was the one Fletcher returned saying it was too sterile). Many females love this mic too: Sarah Brightman, Jennifer Warnes, Gwen Stephani, Kathy Matea, etc. Lindsay Buckingham used it on all his acoustics, Stevie etc. It gets use in a LOT movie scoring too, on the decca tree and as wide outs. Mal Luker uses stock Vm1's, Steve Kemspter VM1's and VM1KHE's, Alan Meyerson VM1KHE's. You can look up their movies on

The VMA sound is warmer, bigger, richer and smooth...very sexy yet "thick". The top end is softer, and this entire package is well balanced for vocals. It is not "like" a 47 or 251, it is something different, something new. It is something worth hearing for sure. Most people really are stunned by it, but as it is with all pro audio, its impossible to please everyone.