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I'm looking for some advise about a couple of upcoming purchases. I need a Preamp with DI, 2 channels would be nice for stereo applications, but this is where I get stuck. The Chandler Limited TG-2 vs TG Channel MKII. Is the Eq on the TG MKII worth trading the second channel on the TG-2 for? I could go for the TG-2 and use the 32-channel Focusrite Liquid Mix for Eq and compression. Additionally I'm planning on purchasing a Peluso 2247 LE Mic, any thoughts on the combination?



RemyRAD Fri, 03/20/2009 - 11:25

The Chandler's are basically Neve knockoffs. The preamps by themselves sound fantastic. You don't necessarily need equalization do you? That is, you don't necessarily need THAT equalization? But if you want that type of sound? Then someone else's equalizer doesn't necessarily make for a good replacement. So anything else but the real deal is sort of like "imitation cheese food". Like fake crabmeat called surimi. It's sort of like sex for one. You need a pair of preamps for anything stereo. That's not one or the other. I like my stuff in pairs. So I go for the pair of preamps as opposed to a single preamp with an equalizer. Yeah, do the equalization with the other stuff. It's certainly better than crappy stuff, like bargain equalizers from the dollar store.

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