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has anybody compared these 2 mic preamp/eq's?

How do they sum up ur mixes after runnin ur toys thru them?

We do hip hop here; beatmachines, keyboards and vocalz. And want more out of our sound(s). Right now we're just patchin into our Digi 002, which is ok. We want better.

read great reviews and posts about both, I wanna kno how can hip hop guys benefit in sound(sonically) from either... or both, which would b simply lovely.



LittleDogAudio Thu, 04/28/2005 - 07:17

I have both at my studio. Although I don't produce hip-hop (mostly rock/jazz) I tend to reach for the Great River on vocals/snare and heavy guitar. The Chandler does well (for me) on bass guitar/light-med guitar and sometimes vox, depending on the singer.

Both are very good so it depends whether you would prefer 2 mic pres/ no eq (Great River MP-2NV) or 1 mic pre with EQ (LTD1) for the same price. Since I do most of my eq'ing in PT, I would choose the Great River.

My .02


anonymous Thu, 04/28/2005 - 10:53

Little Dog

I was tryin 2 compare the Chandler(mic pre/eq) against the Great River MEQ-1NV, which is their combo mic pre and eq. I understand about u using ur software eq's, in which I do also.. but if this can make it sound harder, less digital then I would vise for an outboard gear and have both choices.

Either way, Still... Would love 2 hear them both, mainly on drums and rap male vocals,some female is what we would abuse them with. Thanx for ur reply.

any1 else have any change 2 spend in here?

anonymous Thu, 04/28/2005 - 11:14

Its ok

the store out here , I dont think they have any of these on display.. so prob. would have 2 order just 2 hear. But great river looks really good, but another cat said he has 3 of his friends who does hip-hop and uses the chandler but... hmmmm

mic pre is someting we really need 4 basically everything so thats a must. Eq is optional and a plus, for variety. No ta major must, but.... need it also .. or want it. Sound shaping - less in the computer.
And price... whichever is better. Now both....! man, probably would have to ebay off 1 of my cousins.

This mic pre is secondary to fixing/tuning our room(Real Traps or DIY bass traps) and afterwards an A.D converter. better signal chain.

thnkx again Chris. if u hear any other news, please spill. And ease on the metal. Its the 3rd cause of hearing loss to rap and mexican music.

anonymous Tue, 05/24/2005 - 19:24

9098 pre/eq

hey, have you checked out the Amek 9098 pre/eq. I work at a major studio in ATL working with some of the leading artist in Hip-hop/rap from ATL and we use the Soundelux 195 into the Amek 9098 pre/eq on everyone and have yet to hear it sound bad on anyone, usually is quite amazing. I just picked up a unit for 900 on ebay, quite a bit cheaper than either the Chandler or Great River units (although both sound ridiculously good too).