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hi everyone,

I am the lucky owner of a pair of dbx 160VU compressors. It would be lovely to dispose of some more compressors like that for tracking drums.

can anyone tell how different the consumer-compressors of the same era sound? I'm talking about the non-symmetrical models 117 and 119 (decilinear) with RCA-connectors. you usually can find them second hand for little money...

thanks very much in advance for your comments.

all the best,



Tom Cram Fri, 03/08/2002 - 05:08

The 119 is a great compressor, I just picked up another one on e-bay for $40. They sound very similar to a 160VU, in fact I've been told they have the same circuitry and VCA, just different connectors (and no VU meters). I haven't popped mine open yet so take that as anecdotal. I love mine, and use it on pretty much every session, usually on snare. It doesn't have the cache' of the 160VU, but it has the sound. :tu: