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i am sad to find out that the 003 rack that i just purchased will only allow me to use 4 channels of my digimax FS at 96k because the 003 does not support dual smux. i would really like to have the opportunity to run 16 channels at 96k if at all possible but as of right now it's looking very grim. i know that i can support 16 channels at 48k, i just hate that i am forced with the 003 to only have hit a wall at only 12 channels at 96k until i upgrade to better converters. can anyone shed some light on this?

and yes, i know the better solution is to upgrade to HD or Apogeeconverters one of these days. who knows, maybe i can sell my car to afford it... :lol:

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Boswell Wed, 10/08/2008 - 03:09

Well, that's what entry-level gear is all about. It often pays to do your research and check the specifications before purchase to see if the equipment meets your needs. If there's no S-Mux support in the 003, then you will not even get the correct data from 4 extra channels at 96KHz.

I think you would be best served by using the 003 expanded by the Digimax FS at 44.1 or 48KHz until your artistic and engineering skills have outgrown that combination, at which point a re-evaluation of your needs should take into account not only the possible requirement for higher sampling rates but also other factors such as the requirement for pristine-quality line-level inputs to interface the various external pre-amps that you will by now have accumulated.

Get some experience under your belt with what you have. Professionals can make stunning recordings at 44.1KHz, because they know how to.