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Hi all,

As I'm new to this forum, I'd like to give a little background about me. I'm a hobbyist who doesn't record/mix/master for commercial use at all.
Just a hobby that went completely out of hand and used solely to track rehearsals and make a "decent" recording once a year.


  • 2 electric guitars running signal through pedal boards
  • Semi acoustic guitar, during rehearsals tracked via jack, during recording sessions tracked using mics
  • bass running through pedal board: 1 active & 1 passive bass, depending on the sound I want
  • Drums
    • Rehearsals: Yamaha DTXpress III ... which sounds awfull by the way! But it does the thing.
    • Recording sessions: multi miced acoustic set (OH's mostly XY or spaced pairs and shells close miced)

    Oboe: miced

  • Blues harp: miced and running through a pedal board with DI box at the end of the chain
  • Vocals: miced

The goal is to change my setup:

  • to gain some space
  • to use touchOSC and prevent me from running hence and forth like a horse on speed during rehearsals
  • to make use of DSP

Current setup:

  • Cubase 10 Pro
  • 2 x MOTU 2408 mk3 & 2 x MOTU 2408 mk2 (mk2's used rarely)
  • SPL Goldmike 9844 going to A&H
  • Some outboard effects - cheap and old and used for monitoring only
  • Allen & Heath GL2400
    • direct outs going into motu's
    • used for monitor mix, which is routed to PreSonus HP60

    I was wondering if it's a good decision to go all in the box. No more outboard gear.
    I would make use of cuemix and DSP hoping to achieve a decent monitor mix and reduce latency to a minimum. I use effects to make the oboe, harp and vocals sit in the mix nicely and to spice up the mix in general in case it's needed.
    Meanwhile, I would record the sessions in Cubase.


    • Would the above be a good decision?
    • Will I be able to control Cubase and cuemix using TouchOSC at "the same" time? I was thinking that switching templates might do the thing, but I have no experience whatsoever.
    • Do I have to take high/low impedance inputs into account?
      • I read that the motu's have an onboard jumper to switch inputs between high and low impedance
      • If so, which of the above instruments should be switched to high impedance? (I told you i'm a hobbyist :barefoot:)

      Are there other things I really have take into account?

    Any advice is very welcome. It's not that I'm too lazy to do research, cause i did.
    It's just my humble opinion that feedback based upon experience is of much more value than reading an article.
    I also want to prevent the effort of changing the setup, leading me to switch back to the original setup a few days later.

    Many many thanks in advance for your feedback. Even calling me a fool for asking or even thinking about the above will be perceived as valuable feedback.



bouldersound Fri, 04/02/2021 - 11:15

I think for the most part you're going to need preamps to drive the 2408s. The GL2400 provides those, and it gives you a way to generate monitor mixes and add effects. I can see how it's a pain to run over to the mixer to make changes, but I don't know how you're going to replace that function without getting a bank of preamps and relying on CueMix for input monitoring. Also, I don't know how you would add series effects (like compression) unless the Mk3 2408s have DSP in them. I use a 2408 Mk2 and a 24i, neither of which have that kind of processing in them.

Winkje3 Fri, 04/02/2021 - 12:49

Thanks for the feedback, bouldersound!

The mk3 does NOT (editted) have DSP.
When we record with an acoustic drum set, I would still use the A&H anyway. I just can't and won't spend that much money on that many "decent" pre's.
We rehearse in the cellar, where space is really limitted. That's why i consider getting rid (not selling) of the outboard. For the once-a-year-recordings, we go to the Ardens (Belgium) and rent a house for a week of music, fun, beer tasting, .... the full package ;)

I fully agree with you on the A&H, allowing monitor mixes and effects. Above that, I just love working with hardware. The feel of faders, buttons, potentiometers cannot be replaced by touchscreens and certainly not by mouse clicks. I just need the extra space, so I need to compromise/sacrifice.

I planned on using the 2 channels of the SPL for the vocals and the oboe.
I was hoping it would be possible to connect the other instruments directly to the mk3's, but that's what I'm unsure about. I don't know if it will decrease the "quality" of the recordings and I struggle with high/low impedance of the instruments.

Winkje3 Sat, 04/03/2021 - 03:50

Start to get your point, bouldersound!
I presumed DSP came with onboard effects anyhow, but that's not the case if I understand you correctly.
Upgraded my mk2's to mk3's very recently. I'll check it out this evening, but assume I know the result by now.
Another amateur caught by his own lack of expertise, I'm afraid


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