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I use Samplitude Pro X4 Suite with a Frontier Alphatrak MIDI controller, it works beautifully, however I'd like to change what some of the buttons do.

I want to assign a button to the Ctrl Q and Ctrl W functions (move the play cursor to the beginning of the next object), simple enough...When re assigning the buttons, Samplitude shows you a whole bunch of options, one of which is the menu hierarchy. These commands are found in the Play/Rec Menu - a couple of levels down, but these are not exposed in the options when I'm trying to re assign the button, I know this is a bit specific, but maybe someone knows how to do this...

pcrecord - Can you help please? you are pretty clued up on Samplitude...


cowparsleyman@… Thu, 07/16/2020 - 21:40

pcrecord - thanks very much, I managed to do that, but it’s not what Im after, sorry if I mislead you with the Ctrl W . I’m after move the play cursor to the beginning /end of the next object, it appears in the Daw menu but not in the hardware controller customising options...I’ll try and send a screenshot tonight.

thanks again for your assistance

cowparsleyman@… Sun, 07/19/2020 - 07:34

pcrecord - thanks Marco, I’ve watched your video, good luck with your montization, (ive done that on most of my songs...), it seems like there are a few issues with re assigning functions to the factory shipped hardware controllers.

I’ve now spent a few hours working with this and yes, I agree with you there are some inconsistencies in how it works, I found the manual hopelessly poor in explaining the detail...

I’ll try and send you some screen shots, i dig your commitment to Samplitude. I’m a HUGE sam fan, i just wish the manuals were more useful, i guess that’s why you started doing the videos

pcrecord Sun, 07/19/2020 - 17:21

cowparsleyman, post: 464956, member: 51959 wrote: pcrecord - another example is to change the mouse mouse from universal to Curve....

Yet in the hardware controller re mapping...I can't find it anywhere, maybe Magix thinks a joint L and R click togther is easy enough to bring up the mouse mode menu.

MAybe magix didn't think of this fonction.. When look at my controler, there is different layers and modifiers that mixed things up.
I see a object mode and a marker mode..
In the marker mode if I hit forward or reverse, it goes to the next or previous marker. but in object mode it only changes the selection.
You could use the auto marker function to assigned marker to every object. .but it will get messy if you have too many..
I think the software is so complex that some picky shots like these are being left aside or just not thought about..

pcrecord Tue, 07/21/2020 - 12:31

cowparsleyman, post: 464982, member: 51959 wrote: pcrecord - Hi Marco - just to let you know Samplitude Support have recommended the development team to add the missing menu items -- lets see if they really appear...they have give me an official request for change number, so something might happen....

Great !! In a few revision, I'm sure they will do it !