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Does anyone have a little insider clue on how they're doing with the output issues on the Mobile I/O ? I can't keep reloading their unupdated Yahoo Board. It's making me nervous! Might have to bail on this one unless I get a little encouragement soon.

Anyone else here also waiting?




anonymous Wed, 10/10/2001 - 19:49

They hit a few snags since the original ship date. The units are ready to go but the software is having last minute issues conflicting with some obscure Apple system code. They are really conscientious about it (as someone who bought an AKAI S5000 upon release and couldn't use it at all for over a year (and then with critical features still MIA) I appreciate it). They've been in a bunker with Apple programmers furiously hammering it out. I feel bad for them. What a thankless mission when it finally works like a dream and people just say "What took you so long?". But they've taken the 'no news until we're finished' approach, so there've been no updates for a while.

I trust that they're doing the right thing. I just want to start tweaking!!