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I've just done a recording of cello suites of J. S. Bach with these little beautiful mics, just two of them going into DAV BG1 and to RME Multiface 1.
I'm incerdibly suprised by the quality, precision and the sweet color they have.
Hope it gives you an idea of their sound. Location was not ideal, live reverb with quite a bit of heavy reflections, but still they managed to create a recording I'm very pleased with.
Greetings, Marcin


Boswell Thu, 07/04/2013 - 04:46

Thanks for posting the recordings: the solo cello playing is lovely, the OM1 microphones work well for that instrument and the DAV pre-amps show their pedigree. However, I think the microphone choice and positioning would be fine in a better acoustic environment, but, unfortunately, the multitude of different uncontrolled reflections in this performance space detracts from the sound quality of the instrument and the listening enjoyment is reduced.

I assume you were using an A-B microphone configuration, but there is no easy solution to the problem of using omnis in an acoustic like that. You may get some improvement by going in closer, but there is a very definite distance you can go beyond which an A-B configuration sounds wrong for a solo instrument.

I'm not sure whether the purpose of your recording was to demonstrate the qualities of the OM1, or whether is was to make a genuine recording of this performer and instrument. I feel that if you are trying to show the capabilities of the Line Audio mic range, this would have been an occasion for selecting the CM3 cardioids in an X-Y configuration for the main pair rather than the OM1 omnis.

I'm sorry to say I did not care for the piano accompaniment version, either musically or for the recorded balance between the instruments, but that may all be just down to personal taste.

It was great to hear the solo cello and to get an impression of the OM1s - it's a microphone I have not had the chance of hearing before. The DAV pre-amps are a natural for this type of work, and I have a collection of them that I use often as first choice for my classical recordings.

Stradivariusz Fri, 07/05/2013 - 07:56

Thank you Boswell, like a lot what you wrote! I used indeed the AB configuration with spacement around 35cm to also diminish the width of the stereo image and therefore also the direct impact of the nusty reflections on the ear. I have tried wide cardioids in AB - CM3 as well - but have missed the lowest octave so dicided to go with the omnis since the color of the recording was so sweet.

I understand also your point about the recording with piano. I have to say, that I didn't spend much time on getting the right mix, so there is still some space for improvement.When I'm there will put a new sample that will be edited and mixed in the better way. Maby than in your eyes (ears) the music will diffend itself a bit better. Of course it's not the most interesting accompaniment of Schumann he ever wrote, but in the corelation with other movements hope that the piece will give the listener a bit of plesure ;) Greetings, Marcin