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I am sure that a lot of the pros out there realize that some of the older releases are leaking out DolbyA encoded. In fact, I have found numerous such releases (including two albums from HDtracks.) I have a site actually a couple of them with the HDtracks examples. I also have NUMEROUS other examples that aren't HDtracks that show before/after (and sometimes just after) DolbyA decoding. Here are a few examples -- the first two are NOT from HD tracks, and the last one is from HDtracks.
(the files with -raw in the name are raw copies from the source, -DAdecoded are after using DolbyA decoder, and -full is a complete, amateur remaster by me.) I wrote a true DolbyA decoder (available upon request -- no timeouts) that has been proven/helped by recording engineer and 'golden ears'. It is said that the decoder is the best of three (existing SW decoder, real cat 22 are the others.) Here are the examples:

I would NOT have left so much material intact other than to help prove the DolbyA encoding. These examples will disappear soon -- only meant to make a point -- but the free decoder is available (Intel Silvermont Atom/i3/i5/i7 or newer AMD, 64bit windows or Linux) now and has NO SW timeout of any kind. I am keeping it available till June2018 -- just to keep from being driven nuts because I have no funding mechanism other than myself.
The decoder really works, and has numerous design considerations to reduce the intermodulation to the near theoretically minimum (makes cleaner sound than real Hw FET expander.)

I hope that you hear what I am talking about -- and even though I am not looking to make money, we need to help force improved quality or even make DolbyA decoders more available (and better.)


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