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Im currently looking for good mixer.

This guy is offering me a 2nd hand Tascam M600 mixer (52frame,42inputs,16bus,8aux,many stereo tape and fx inputs) for quite a good price (about $1000). He tells me that they are really good mixers but arnt made anymore.

Can any1 give me advise?


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Davedog Tue, 10/28/2003 - 09:56

How good are you with a soldering gun and reading circuit prints?

Nice highoutput and a bit 'grainy' pres.Eq is only decent for a large frame console.
Thats a good price but like I said,can you solder? It probably will need recapping and if so you should put in the better parts and do a bit of an upgrade on the mic pres too.At which time it will sound fairly 'world class'...They are impressive to look at.

AudioGaff Tue, 10/28/2003 - 10:46

I spent some of my first years on the Tascam M600 along with a MS16. It is a real good (not great) sounding mixer with pro features. Beware of any mods that may have been done to it. Pull a few or all of the channel strips as well as the master section and see if it appears modified. This was one of those things that people hacked with mods to try to get it to perform better. Most of the time it was futile. $1000 is a great price, providing everything works well.