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the problem:
my KRK Rockit8's have absolutely no bottom. for years now I've had to rely more on auditioning my bounced mixes on various stereo systems than on studio monitoring. The bass response of the rockit8's is at least 3 - 4.5 db below, of course, my mixes always have too much bass. everything else in the studio is top notch; & my ad/da is a lynx aurora 8.

I need to make a change...but the thing can't be too expensive a change.

the solution:
1) have a chance to get a pair of EVENT 20/20's (passive) mfg.'d in the mid 90's (pre V2 & BAS), but it excellent shape. I'm told the 20/20's sport a very realistic, transparent bass response...which is what I desperately need.

2) I have a chance to get a par of YAMAHA NS-10M-T's (passive), which I'm told speak for themselves. But any input as to bass response w/ this make/model would be appreciated.

3) Would like to go w/ a Behringer A500 to power either set. I'm told they have a flat response w/ very low noise. Also considering an Alesis RA500.

any & all help/input/feedback here will be much appreciated...



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Boswell Sun, 11/15/2015 - 15:26

Are you saying that the low end on your Rokit 8s has degraded since you got them, or were they always like that? Where did the figure of "3 - 4.5 db below norm" come from? What frequency is used for the "norm" amplitude figure? Have you tried a frequency sweep in your control room using a measurement microphone? What size is your listening room? Is it acoustically treated? How far away from the speakers do you sit when mixing? How much is "too expensive a change"?

Sorry about the number of questions, but you give a small amount of information and then invite us to select "the solution" from one of your three, none of which is necessarily appropriate for your circumstances.

Have you considered adding a sub-woofer to your existing Rokits?

doxology Sun, 11/15/2015 - 17:16

thanx, bos...

1) they've always been like that...I knew better at the time, but I let a guitar center sales dude talk me in to them...he claimed he used them in his studio; & that they were every bit a 'reference' monitor
2) 3 - 4.5db is always how much extra bass I have in my mixes when I mix w/ the rockit8's
3) not being overly precise here...just BASS in general
4) No...but my audiophile system is located in the same room & sounds beautiful (i.e., no noticeable dropout at any fr. range)
5) 12' X 14'
6) 3'
7) how much is too expensive...dynaudio & genlec are too expensive


DonnyThompson Mon, 11/16/2015 - 00:27

And the Rokit 8's have this lack of low end character in any room you listen to them in?

(I'm asking this because if you've only ever used them in the one area, it's possible that you are sitting/listening in a "null" of the room).

When you say that you "have to add 3 to 4.5 db of low end to your mixes..." to accommodate for the perceived loss, what low end frequency or frequency range are we talking about, here?

Where are they placed, ( distance) in proximity to walls / boundaries?

You haven't filled the front ports with any type of material, have you?

Does your "audiophile" system have a sub woofer? If it does, what frequency range does it work in, is there a labeled X-Over Frequency on it, and, what is the volume level of the sub set at?

Do you have a mix sample you can post without the low end "makeup gain" added?

( on the bottom right-hand corner of your post window is an "upload a file" button... click on this, select "browse" and then choose the audio file you want to upload; RO's media player will support MP3's up to 320).