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Our brilliant singer has moved to Malta! The plan is that I send backing tracks and she records. Then she sends me the results for mixing in UK. With the current setup (using Zoom) we can chat & discuss until she starts recording. But THEN I can’t hear the backing so I get no sense of how everything’s fitting together. So the problem is how do I, as her producer, hear both her vocals and the backing track so we can discuss afterwards what worked and what didn’t? Can anyone suggest a way we can set things up so I can hear both track and singer without the backing track leaking into her recording? (She’s recording into a laptop) If we keep using something like Zoom, the monitoring quality at my end will be poor but I think that would be ok for the purpose. She knows what she’s doing in terms of getting high quality recordings. Sorry that’s a bit long but we’d be grateful for some brainwaves! Andy


pcrecord Thu, 06/03/2021 - 04:51
Hi Andy ! Another path could be to let her do 2 or 3 takes that she feels confident and happy about and then you decide the one you want to work with.. Of course this ain't going to work if she needs guidance every sentences.. or if a lot of punch ins are needed.. but sometime a bit of thrust goes a long way. (just saying) ;)

Shadow_7 Fri, 06/04/2021 - 02:36
With more than one computer, you could play the backing tracks to her and she sings while wearing headphones. And recording her mic on another laptop/computer. Although the problem there is she wont hear her in her own headphones. With hardware on her end, should could output the backing track and mic to a mixer and send that to you as her zoom source. Might still require a 2nd computer for playback/recording, and one for the zoom call. And might be doable with software / software settings. Might still require hardware depending on full-duplex and number of channels on her audio gear. You could play it on your end, and pause after a count off. And she could vocalize the count off with you unpausing in cadence. Still a bit of a latency nightmare. And other admin headaches if doing more than one song and you have the wrong one cued up. Depends on what gear and tech savvy skills exist on both ends. Where there's a will, there's a way.

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