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This seems like a very simple question but I haven't found a conclusive answer. I have an audio interface with those Neutrik combination XLR/TRS/TS jacks. I need to have phantom power on and I need to record from an unbalanced line-level source. I will send that unbalanced source into one of those Neutrik jacks with a TS cable.

My question is: will the phantom power conduct onto that cable? If it does, will it cause a problem with that unbalanced line-level source?


anonymous Tue, 06/08/2010 - 16:26

hueseph, post: 349894 wrote: +1

But, I have to ask. What in the world are you trying to feed phantom power with a T/S jack? Is this for a D.I.? If so, most D.I.s have XLR inputs.

I need the phantom power for a condenser mic that I'll be plugging into the other input; I don't need it for the line input but this interface just has one switch for both inputs (it's the M-Audio Fasttrack Pro).

So if both of you guys are pretty sure about this, I'll feel a lot safer testing it. :smile: I appreciate your input.