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i have a partner that has has passive 20/20's. he's gonna upgrade to the asp8's.. passive or active soon.. but right now he has a problem mixing.. it takes him a while to get the right sound. could this be b/c the amp.. he has a pioneer home amp.. its like 120x5... he's only using 2ch of it..

i told him to pick up a Qsc, crown hafler.. etc amp off ebay..
do you think it would make any difference

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anonymous Fri, 03/26/2004 - 12:21

ShellTones wrote: You aren't going to mix at 120 decibles.

keep thinking that lol... you have no idea how loud he gets a mix when he's into the song.. i think last time i had a meter(b/c i told him to mix around 90-96db) he was mixing over 100.
the pioneer is pushing some good power, i just figured he might be able to get a studio quality amp and have a cleaner sound overall...

right now he's been looking at crest and samson amps..the hafler he wants is outta his range i think

KurtFoster Fri, 03/26/2004 - 13:23

I have a couple Hafler P3000s I would be willing to part with.. send me a PM if you are interested.

Having an amp that has more power than your speakers are rated for is not a problem. The main issue is running an underpowered amp, pushing it into square wave and burning up tweeters and drivers. More power just gives gives you more headroom.

Better to have too much power rather than not enough. You can always turn the amp down.

Kurt Foster