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I am about to plug up my studio.
I got some great info about the inputs I have .

So step one is to run my instruments through a patchbay, normalled to mixer channels on my Yamaha 32/10.

I am hoping to use an 8 channel snake from the patchbay's outputs to the mixer's inputs.
Its getting complicated quick, because of the various outputs of my instruments. Here is the list.

  1. sm57 mic
  2. sm57 mic
  3. electric drums L
  4. electric drums R
  5. Rhodes ( with amp)
  6. Rhodes (no amp)
  7. Hammond tone wheel
  8. MS20 mini

So for the mics, do I need an XLR to phone jack, to plug them into the patchbay, then an adapter from 1/4" phone to XLR to plug into the mixer's Hi z XLR. Basically like plugging my mic to the mixer, with a patchbay spliced into the signal. Balanced? adapters? I am lost


bouldersound Tue, 06/02/2020 - 15:34

I'm not sure what the advantage would be to using the patch bay between the instruments and the mixer. You could just as easily have an XLR snake into the mixer and put the instruments into whatever input you like right there.

I use a patch bay primarily so I can assign compressors to different channel inserts. My secondary usage is to allow me to patch the compressors before or after the split to the multitrack feed. If I wanted to I could route mixer channels to different multitrack inputs, but that's kind of pointless since I can do that routing in the DAW. If I were recording to tape it might be handy.

paulears Tue, 06/02/2020 - 23:19

For mics you use XLRs. A few people use patch bays at mic level, but it's rare to see them in studios or broadcast working on jacks in either bantam or ¼" types. Patch bays need maintenance with burnishers and contact cleaner and 48v phantom seems to encourage this. I've had mic patch bays in two studios and they were in the main ok, but crackles and pops were worse than on the line level bays. I've used 1u xlr panels in my later studios and they are trouble free because XLRs self-wipe, which normalling jack sockets don't. So for me, patch bays are for line, xlr panels for mics,mandy the downside is no normalling. We tend to route in software anyway now for our inputs. I'm just building a new studio, and there are no patch bays at all.


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